SAD Research and Development group has been formed since 2015. The working areas of this group include the following sections


  • Conducting scientific research to advance and develop technology worldwide to achieve new technologies needed by human beings
  • Providing consulting and scientific services to companies and scientific research groups in the country in research and basic and applied research
  • Providing consulting services to start-up businesses in the field of idea generation and choosing the right path from idea generation to reaching companies with appropriate capabilities and competencies
  • Carrying out applied technology innovation projects worldwide
  • Researching in the fields of engineering and experimental sciences to establish a relationship to acquire new technologies to improve the level of technology in engineering and experimental sciences.
  • Conducting scientific research and basic research and submitting articles to national and international scientific research societies

Some Completed projects

  • Implementation of image processing algorithms on FPGA
  • Implementation of image recognition algorithm using Hopfield neural network
  • Designing and manufacturing a device for controlling and monitoring electrical appliances remotely using the Telegram application
  • Designing a blood flow meter sensor in defibrillator with using MEMS technology
  • Design and implementation of ECG signal processing algorithm using CNN 1D neural network
  • Implementing RCNN neural network to process detailed images
  • Designing and implementing intelligent media making algorithm
  • Designing and implementing a physiotherapy aid device for the elderly
  • Design and implementation of water container device with the automatic filling capability

About The Medroid department

The Medroid department, as the medical education section of SAD Research and Development Company, has the honor of working under the supervision of Iran’s largest and most credible university of medical sciences, in the field of development of educational technologies.
In 2022, Medroid achieved all the high standards of Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences and entered the growth center of this university as the first educational technology startup.
The mission of Medroid is to develop the basis of technology-based medical science education at the level of less prosperous universities in Iran and other countries.

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